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Habitat invest

Founded in 2004, Habitat Invest is a Portuguese private equity company operating in the real estate sector. We are active in real estate investment, promotion, management and brokerage, as well as tourism.

Habitat Invest comprises Habitat Ventures (property investment and development), Habitat Project (project coordination and project management), Habitat Property (real estate management) and Habitat Broker (real estate brokerage).

Five Stars – Premium Apartments is the group’s tourism brand, while Five Stars – Brokers is its brokerage brand.

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Habitat Invest's operations in Portugal comprise 3 core areas

Habitat Ventures

Promotes and invests in exceptional real estate projects in its own capacity or in partnership with investment funds, family offices and investors of various nationalities. SPVs are created for each project.

Habitat Project

Manages real estate renovation / new construction / lease projects.

Habitat Brokers

Trades its own products and those of third parties on the national and international markets, with its own team and under the Five Stars – Brokers brand.


A team
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Meet the team
Filipe Soares Franco

Filipe Soares Franco


He has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. He has been involved in a wide range of business activities throughout his professional life, including chairing OPWAY, one of the leaders in the Portuguese construction industry, until 2008, as well as chairing Sporting Clube de Portugal. He is a shareholder in Habitat Invest.

Luis Corrêa de Barros

Luis Corrêa de Barros

Founder & CEO

He attended the Faculty of Law at the University of Lisbon. He has been involved in a vast array of business activity in various sectors, particularly car dealerships and imports. In 2004, he founded Habitat Invest and the Five Stars real estate investment fund. Since then, he has worked in the area of real estate promotion and brokerage, as well as tourism. He is a shareholder in Habitat Invest.

Pedro Vicente

Pedro Vicente

Board Member

He holds a Master’s in Management and Public Policy from the University of Lisbon. He was Director of Asset Management at Empresa Pública de Urbanização de Lisboa (EPUL) and Managing Director at Level Constellation before joining Habitat Invest.

He joined the company in 2018 and is responsible for the areas of analysis and project management (Habitat Project), commercial and business development (Habitat Invest), brokerage (Five Stars – Brokers) and tourism (Five Stars – premium apartments).

Daniel Tareco

Daniel Tareco

Board Member

He has a degree in Civil Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico and an MBA from the IESE Business School. He was a consultant at McKinsey and project manager at Teixeira Duarte before joining Habitat Invest.

He joined the company in 2016 and is responsible for finance and administration (Habitat Invest, Habitat Ventures and Investment Funds).