Marquês de Abrantes 115

Marquês de Abrantes 115

Your house with parking and unique views. Enjoy them in your swimming pool, with modern, functional architecture.

As the neighbour of an important palace in Lisbon, which lends it its name and wealth, Marquês de Abrantes is a project designed from scratch, but perfectly integrated into the local mystique. The top of the building has a magnificent viewpoint over the riverside area, which adds an incomparable charm to it. Waiting for the sunset in this area is a magical moment where you can admire the famous light of Lisbon.

T1 to T4

38m2 to 245m2


Calçada Marquês de Abrantes, Lisbon

Nº of apartments

12 Apartments


Ricardo Carvalho Arquitetos e Associados


Magnificent views over the Tagus


Pending approval

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