Our apartments are located in the historic centre of Lisbon and we feel privileged because of the welcome provided by these spaces full of unique details. Welcome to Lisbon and your home, even if only for a few days.

Five Stars Apartments

Habitat Property, under the Lisbon Five Stars brand, manages the operation of all the group’s local accommodation units. We stand out in the market for the quality of our service and customer care. Our exceptional work is reflected in our score on the largest online booking provider, With over 70 apartments, our team strives to select and provide the end client with a luxurious, comfortable product.

Designed for a guest with refined taste, who values comfort and proximity to places full of history and tradition, Lisbon Five Stars apartments are a true benchmark in short-term accommodation in Lisbon.

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Five Stars Apartments

Your home away from home

We think the best hospitality mirrors the atmosphere of a home. A comfortable, distinctive home with unique, individual features. A home with soul and personality. That is why we selected our apartments based on very strict criteria and refurbished them together with the best architects. We feel privileged to be able to show you your home in Lisbon, even if only for a few days.

Your home away from home

We share unique experiences with you in Lisbon, in the most wonderful apartments

Managed with heart and soul by Lisbon Five Stars

We welcome you in person and are available whenever you need us

Premium apartments in the centre of Lisbon, with amenities included free of charge

We offer a range of services based on our experience

For owners

We seek to expand our portfolio with high-quality apartments. If you are interested in making a return on your investment, please contact us. We personalise each deal and work with the goal of always maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with the owners.

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+351 915 277 418

Para os proprietários

By e-mail, telephone or in person. Any of them is an excellent way to get in contact with a good investment.